01. Sporting Clays02. Registration03. Non-Member Mixer04. GPSA Early Bird Reception & Vendor Night05. Technical Conference Planning Committee Meeting06. Process & Research Forum - Morning Session07. Monday Coffee Breaks08. Regulatory Committee Meeting09. Safety & Reliability Forum10. Preparing Midstream for Zero Emissions11. Chapter Officers Roundtable12. The Future of the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry is Exports13. Legislative Committee Meeting14. Facility Design, Operations, & Maintenance Committee Meeting15. Spouse & Guest Hospitality16. Propane Demand in the Far East17. Center Stage Luncheon18. Process & Research Forum - Afternoon Session19. Pipeline Safety Forum20. Roundtable - ESG Communications21. Measurement & Quantity Determination Committee Meeting22. Treating23. Executive Roundtable24. Cheers to Years - A 100th Celebration25. Prayer Breakfast Keynote26. Breakfast Keynote - Cheap, Reliable, & Clean27. Breakfast Keynote - Engagement - How to Reach & Keep Customers28. Midstream Industry Asset & Mechanical Integrity Committee Meeting29. Midstream Washington, D.C. Update30. Emerging Technology Forum31. Tuesday Coffee Breaks32. GPSA Annual Members Meeting33. Produced Water Midstream34. GPSA Board of Directors Meeting35. Reducing Emissions While Stabilizing the Grid - The Win-Win of Dual Drive36. Pipeline Design, Operation, & Maintenance Committee Meeting37. Pipeline Safety Committee Meeting38. Winter Outlook - Analysis of February's Arctic BlastCompared to PreviousArctic Blasts into Texas & the S. Plains39. Lunch & Learn - Gaining Reliabilty Benefits from an AI-Ml Based Compressor Valve Leak Prediction & Real-time Critical Issue Management40. Lunch & Learn - Emissions Formation & Mitigation Strategies for Gas Engines41. Lunch & Learn - Application of Risk-Based Inspection in Amine Treatment Systems42. Lunch & Learn - Optimizing Waste Heat Recovery - ORC as a Reliable ESG Solution43. Lunch & Learn - Pipeline Integrity & Flow Assurance - Less Downtime with Zero Waste Using Proven Technology44. GPA Midstream Membership Meeting & Chairman's Luncheon45. Environmental Forum46. Design & OM Forum Part 147. Post-COVID & the Early Innings of the Energy Transition Movement - Implications for the Midstream Sector48. Chromotography School Instructors Meeting49. LNG Supply:Demand50. Safety Committee Meeting51. Analysis Committee52. CO2 Handling & Carbon Capture & Sequestration Forum53. Natural Resources Subcommittee - Environmental54. Portraits55. Wednesday Coffee Break56. Sour Gas & Sulfur Symposium57. GPA Midstream Board of Directors Meeting58. Training - Professional Ethics for Engineers59. DecorAwardsMonday SelectionsSunday Selections