01. Registration02. Gap Analysis03. Learning Horizons04. It Takes a Village05. Is VR the Ulimate Empathy Machine or Just an Illusion?06. Braindating Lounge & XR Sessions07. Corporate Display08. Posters09. Helping Faculty Create Different Student Interactions....10. Collective Action11. Design Symposium for Dream Classrooms12. Search & Reuse of MOOC Content in On-Campus Instruction13. Where to Start With a Student Success Iniative14. 3 Critical Strategies for Influencing Students' Success15. Women in Academic Technology Leadership16. What Activates Learning? Space vs. Technology17. Movin' On Up18. Explore a Framework for Shaping Tomorrow....19. Wednesday Lunch20. The 60-Year Curriculum21. Reimagining the Role of Technology in End-of-Course Evaluation22. Closing the Membership Gap23. Student Success Means Learning from Engagement24. From Mass Production to Mass Personalization25. Wednesday Break26. Learning Sequence Building Blocks27. App Smackdown! A Battle Royal of Education Technology28. Faculty Development & Engagement29. Innovation in Instructional Design & Course Materials30. Learning Analytics & Privacy - Practice Implications for Higher Ed31. Candids32. Signage:Decor