01. SmileDash Meetup02. Ultimate Lase Managemnt of Periodontal Patients03. Maxillary Sinus Graft Crestal Approach Cadaver Workshop04. Pack and Give Back05. ADA Seal 90th Anniversary Celebration06. ADA Catalog Booth07. Member Success Center08. Learn How to Balance Debt and Secure Practice Financing09. Finding Stillness, Peace, and Self-Love With Mindfulness Practice10. Impact of Personality on Patient Behavior11. Emerging Science Panel12. DENT Talks - Our Profession13. Women in Dentistry Leadership Series Networking Event15.UCSD?Dr. Silverstein17.Interactive Common Oral Pathology18. Mock Trial - Oral Sepsis23. Technology Stage - Daniel Kraft & Chris Salierno25. EBD Awards26 Proplem Solving the Delivery of Local Anesthesia TechiquesDental Central Activity - (Main folder in Monday)