01. Signage & Decor02. Registration03. Tuesday Breakfast04. Workshop Welcome05. Integration with DAA Tools and Platforms06. A New Regulatory Approach to Health-Related Advertising07. Recent Federal & Sate Enforcement Action - and What We Can Learn from Them08. DAA Principles Framework Enforcement Update - in US & Canada09.10. Democracies Strike Back - Political Ads and a Vital Transparency Program Update11. DAA Framework Comes to Asia - The India Opportunity12. Workshop Luncheon13. Tuesday Breaks14. Welcome Reception15. Tuesday Dinner16. Royal Canadian Breakfast17. Summit Day Welcome18. DSA - The Game Changer in Advertising Transparency?19. Start the Press20. Recap & Refresh21. Connected Devices - Advancing from Conundrum to Controls22. A Capitol Perspective23. The 2023 DAA Privacy Icon Award Honors24. Wednesday Luncheon25. A Confluence of Data Flows - US, Asia, & All Places26. Empirical & Powerful - A Closer Look on. How Data Drives the Information Economy27. Dessert Networking Break28. Data Under Control, A Necessary Conversation29. The SMB Protection Imperative - Privacy, Section 230, and Competition30. Toward 2024 - Summit Recap & Closing Remarks31. Countdown to Summer - Windy City Reception