001. Registration002. IL-17 vs. IL-23 Inhibitors for Psoriasis003. Dermatology CPC Session004. Thursday Breakfast005. dermqsquared Booth006. Opening Remarks007. Prurigo Nodularis -Managing the Itch-Scratch Cycle with Biologics008. Closing the Healthcare Gaps in the Management of Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis With Biologics009. Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis010. What's Coming Up Next011. What Dermatologists Need to Know about Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria & the Role of Biologics012. Dermsquared Industry Meeting013. Acne - Finding the Right Topical Therapy for the Right Patient014. New Developments in Psoriasis - Clinical Insights from Dermatology Providers015. Lightning Round Q & A016. Thursday Afternoon Break017. Session Introduction018. Baby Got JAK019. Mentoring for Leadership020. What You Need toKnow NOW About Actinic Keratosis021. Optimizing the Patient Skin Cancer Journey with Gene Expression Profiling022. What You Need toKnow NOW AboutCosmeceuticals23. RDS Group Photo024. Welcome Reception025. Ask the Experts026. Friday Exhibits027. Opening Remarks028. What You Need to Know NOW About STDs!029. What You Need to Know NOW About Melanoma030. What You Need to Know NOW About Vitiligo031. What You Need to Know NOW About Treating Kids With Skin Disease032. What You Need to Know NOW About Atopic Dermatitis033. Therapeutic Pearls034. Lighting Round Q&A035. What's New in the Medicine Chest036. What's Coming Up Next037. The Many Shades of Plaque Psoriasis - Considerations for Treating Patients With Skin of Color038. Tips in the Use of IL-17 Inhibitors in Dermatology039. Non-Steroidal Topical Therapies in Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis040. Lightning Round Q&A041. Aesthetics and Devices - What You Need to Know042. Rare Diseases Update043. Rising Derm Stars Competition - Part 1044. Device Workshop - Live Patient Demos045. Rare Disease Forum046. LEAD Reception047. Advanced Live Patient Workshop I - Fillers & Toxins048. Posters49. Saturday Exhibits050. What's Coming Up Next051. Acne & Rosacea Case Debate052. Therapeutic Hotline Acne, Rosacea AKs, Eczema and Others053. What You Need to Care About NOW with Contact Dermatitis054. What You Need to Know NOW About JAK Inhibitors055. What You Need to Know NOW About  Hidradenitis Suppurativa056. What You Need to Know NOW About Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer057. What You Need toKnow NOW About Hyperpigmentation058. Lightning Round059. Pigmented Lesion Diagnostic Quiz060. What's New in the Medicine Chest - Part 2061. AAD Update062. The Continuing Debate of Monoclonal Antibodies Vs JAK Inhibitors063. What You Need to Know NOW About Photodynamic Therapy064. What You Need to Know NOW About Photoprotection065. What You Need to Know NOW About Radiation Therapy and Keloids066. Lightning Round Q&A067. How Precise is Precision medicine Right Now?068. What You Need To Know NOW About Alopecia Areata069. Lightning Round Q&A070. Academic Quiz and What's Coming Up Next071. Early Career Dermatology Initiative072. Difficult Dermatology Conversations - Improving Care for Diverse Patient Populations073. 80s Night Dinner & Entertainment074. Dessert Reception075. Rising Derm Stars Competition - Part 2076. The Newest in Dermatology - Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, Actinic Keratoses. Psoriasis, Skin Cancer, and More077. What's Coming Up Next078. Presentation from 1st Place Winner of the RDS Competition079. 30 Tips in 30 Minutes080. Aesthetics and Your Dermatology Practice081. What's New in JAMA Derm082. Leveraging OTC Products in Your Practice083. What's New in Dermatologic Surgery?084. Regenerative Medicine and Your Dermatology Practice085. Cosmeceuticals:Nutraceuticals and Your Dermatology Practice086. What's NEW in Skin087. What You Need to KNow NOW About Hair Loss in Skin of Color088. Lightning Round Q&A089. Aesthetics and Skin of Color090. Office Practice & Coding Tips You May Not Be Aware Of091. Tips For the Aging Face092. Lightning Round Q&A093. Comparing HA Fillers094. Lightning Round Q&A095. Early Dermatology Practice Pearls096. Boxed Warnings - What Do They Really Mean to You?097. Devices For the Dermatology Practice I097. Devices For the Dermatology Practice II098. Dos & Don'ts in Dermatology and Dermatopathology099. Bruise and Lose, Pain May Not Retain100. Wrap Up101. Comparing Toxins102. Preventing and Treating Filler Complications103. Lightning Round Q&A104. Opening Your Eyes For Beauty105. What are Exosomes106. Lightning Round Q&A107. Treating AGA II- Nutraceuticals and Light108. Treating AGA I - Drugs109. Treating AGA III - PRP110. Lightning Round Q@A111. Hair Transpalnt Live Workshop112. Wrap Up113. Cetaphil Desk114. Cozy Cafe115. Misc. Crowds116. Exhibit Hall Without People117. Decor & Sponsorships118. Faculty Dinner