01. Registration02. ClinicoPathologic Challenges in Inflammatory Skin Dideases03. Welcome - Dr. Rigel04. 3rd Annual Will You be the Master Clinician?05. Legislative & Regulatory Update06. Applying the New Technologies to Melanoma Diagnosis07. Optimizing Post-Dermatological Procedural Care08. Novel Technologies & Delivery Systems for Dermatologic Therapies09. A Timely Intervention10. Understanding Personal Care Skin & Hair Products11. Integrating Hedgehog Inhibitors Into BCC Management12. Strategies in Patient Selection for Psoriasis Therapies13. Genetic Expression Profiling Beyond Melanoma14. Breaks:Misc. Candids15. SkinPAC Booth16. Meeting the Challenges of Hyperhidrosis17. The Physiology of Men's Skin Care18. Integrating New Technologies Into Dermatology Practice19. The New Paradigms in the Treatment of Actinic Keratoses20. Welcome Reception21. Breakfast in the Exhibits22. RDS Orientation23. Friday Welcome & Announcements24. What's New in Urticaria25. Atopic Dermatitis - Practical Considrerations26. Female Acne27. Tips for the Best Results with Fillers28. Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer - What's New29. Acne & Rosacea Update30. Botulinum Toxins - How to Optimize Results31. People's Choice32. Topical Therapy - Vehicles Matter33. Oral Psoriasis Therapies What's New34. New Developments in the Treatment of Actinic Keratoses35. New & Future Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa36. PDT Update37. Friday Exhibits38. What's New in the Treatment of Warts39. Late Beaking Info - medical, Surgical, Pediatric, & Appearance Dermatology40. Cozy Cafe41. Signage & Decor42. Empty Exhibit Booths43. Mariano Rivera Meet & Greet44. Faculty:Supporter Dinner45. Breakfast in the Exhibits46. TNF Blockers - Safety & Efficacy47. Ustekinumab & IL-23 Blockers - Safety & Efficacy48. IL-17 Blockers - Safety & Efficacy49. Panel Q & A50. A Dermatologist Goes to Congress51. New Concepts in Contact Dermatitis52. Therapeutic Hotline - Acne, Psoriasis, Actinic Keratoses, Eczema, Rosacea & Others53. Breakthroughs in the Management of Pruritus54. Breakthroughs in the Management of Hyperhidrosis55. Off Label Uses of Botulinum Toxin56. What's New in the Diagnosis of Melanoma57. Which Psoriasis Therapy for Which Patient58. Saturday Break59. CME - Long Term Management of Atopic Dermatitis60. Integrating Photodynamic Therapy Into Your Practice61. Pearls for the Aging Face - Workshops I & II62. CME - A Look at the Recent Clinical Advancements in Atopic Dermatitis63. Rising Derm Stars Competition for Residents64. Saturday DinnerThurs/Fri /SAtHighlights for Sunday Walk-in